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Book your stay in a resort island with most competitive rates

Maldives is a luxury dream travel destination for most of the people. Dubbed as “Thousand Nation Island” or “The Sunny Side of Life” are quite the closest phrases to define the natural beauty of Maldives.

We are delighted to welcome our clients by private jet or a commercial flight for your arrival in Maldives. We at Airgate work with the understanding, that everyone prefers a convenient, easy and affordable travel service with a one-stop booking portal for affordable Flights, Hotels, Holiday Packages, and Airport Transfers.

Arranging custom designed trips for sophisticated travelers throughout Maldives. Our Team Members are committed to assist with creative ideas for corporate trips and events to exciting locations or for any special occasions. We ensure the needs and requirements of the clients are met, therefore able to react in an efficient way. The love for details, professionalism, and warmth of our team will leave you wanting more.

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