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From scheduled flights to private jets, we provide a diverse variety of inflight catering options. Get your desirable choice when choosing us as your caterer in Maldives.


Inflight catering is a prominent component of all travel journeys. Our team provides catering for our clients. Top-notch catering facilities are provided for private & scheduled flights and to VIP & VVIP clients.


As a company that provides flight support, having access to the ramp and high loader areas ensures control over catering facilities, making the provision of these facilities more convenient and smoother.


Our operations team will make sure all perishables are handled and transported with care, whilst ensuring the catering quality is up to international hygiene standards.


You may refer to our catering menus for more information.

Catering Company
Salmon Tartare

Add-on services we provide for cabin amenities:


  • Newspapers and Magazines

  • Flower arrangements

  • Printed Menus

  • Birthday Cakes

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