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Resorts are privately owned islands designed to make tourists enjoy the true beauties of the Maldives. All resorts offer the best facilities needed to expand your adventures in the Maldives.

Maldivian resorts will offer the best accommodation experience to all tourists. A large variety of accommodation types can range from water villas that offer spectacular views into the ocean and clear skies, to beach villas at convenient locations on the beach, exposing you to the shining pearl-sandy beaches and the salty waters upon dawn. It’s not only the variety of accommodation, but the amenities in the villas are also exciting. Some water villas may have a small pool on the deck, facing toward the ocean and some may come with hot tubs or Jacuzzis. Truly, there isn’t a limit to enjoying your holiday at maximum convenience and privacy in the Maldives.

To enjoy your holiday in the Maldives, a great accommodation option should be complemented with exquisite dining and catering. Resorts will ensure that you are well fed, and 24/7 food services are made available. With the provided delicious buffets, you could choose any restaurant in the resort if you preferred to sit in and eat a five-course meal. The bar will be available to offer drinks and snacks, and you could even order room service at any time.

A highlight of staying in the Maldivian resorts will be the diverse excursion options that would be offered to you. Watersports centers and specialists reside in the resorts, offering you opportunities to dive into the magnificent abyss of crystal waters and explore the fascinating aquamarine life of Maldives. Watersports centers will offer all equipment needed for scuba diving and watersports, expanding your adventurous horizons in the ocean.

Excursion facilities that are common in many resorts are water sports centers and spas. Although different resorts will offer different types of excursion facilities. Some may offer extravagant activities like sunset or dolphin watching, night or day fishing, and trips to nearby sandbanks and islands.

Resorts offer the best services to all beloved tourists; the diverse options fulfill all requirements needed for different types of tourists. Contact our team at Airgate to get more information and select the best resort to cater your holiday needs at the Maldives.

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