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Maldives is now a crossroads between Asia, Africa, and the Pacific. It serves as a hub for all international cruise lines that arrive or depart as well as the primary port for yachts and safaris. 

The fact that a huge ocean surrounds the tiny islands tends to pique people's interest from all over the world. We handle all maritime vessel operations required to let visitors who want to explore this thriving sector do so.

Given the information, it is crucial to pay close attention to your vessels and make sure they are in good condition. We will handle all paperwork, permits, and even make lodging arrangements for crew or guests.

Luxury Motor Yacht
Sailing Yacht

Harboring and cruising permits


To enter the waters of Maldives, permits are required. We communicate with the relevant parties to secure cruising and harboring permissions, ensuring seamless operation and the least amount of worry for our clients.

Immigration and customs clearance

Immigration & customs will be coordinated by us in order to expeditiously grant inbound or outgoing clearance to the vessel of our customer.

Vessel Anchoring

For yachts, safaris, cruise ships, speed boats, and other maritime vessels of any size, we arrange slots and anchoring. To prevent problems and hiccups, it is essential to reserve spaces in advance. In all approved areas on all Maldives islands, we can set up slots. Let us know your parking requirements, such as time or location and we manage everything required in regard to your yacht.

Bunkering services

Bunkering vessel is a crucial component of ensuring seaworthiness. On demand, we offer bunker services. Our first aim is to ensure that bunkering is carried out safely and effectively, as long as the appropriate information is provided to us. We can also bunker vessels that are in enroute.

Speed boat booking and chartering

Speed boats are a fun and quick method to travel between islands in Maldives. We can assist customers who want to charter or reserve speedboats based on availability. We will set up speedboats with the right sizes and seating configurations based on your needs.

Seaplane charters

By seaplane is another method to see Maldives. A closer look at the tiny islands and the crystal-clear waters is made possible by cruising at a low altitude, as a result, seaplane travel is very popular. We will offer seaplane charters based on your needs. Advise us in advance, we'll do our best to find a seaplane that fits your charter preferences.

Maritime advice

Our specialized team is available to offer any guidance required for our clients and to answer any questions on the maritime services of Maldives. Simply call us or send an email to reach us.

Security measures;

The top focus should always be security. You may be confident that we will take all reasonable precautions to ensure your safety when you work with our team. To guarantee the safety of your vessel, we will collaborate closely with marine patrols and coast authorities.


The crew may choose to explore Maldives and take a break on land after the ship has arrived. We can set up lodging and transportation in accordance with your needs. Learn more about our Crew HOTAC provisions, CLICK HERE


Hotel reservations and bookings

Whether you are a passenger or a member of the crew, we can make hotel arrangements based on availability at the location of your choice. If you're new to Maldives or unsure of your alternatives, you can get suggested accommodations based on your needs by contacting our booking staff. With the help of our specialist knowledge of the lodging options available throughout Maldives, for further details on lodging and transportation CLICK HERE

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